Why DocSolution?

15+ Years Of Transform Experience

For over 25 years we’ve worked with a number of Output Management applications such as FormScape and Covus. By focusing on Transform since it’s conception, we’ve developed a knowledge and understanding of the software that is largely unrivalled.

Resource When Required

On many occasions, the Transform solution does not justify the effort required to maintain the skillset internally. Many companies choose to outsource all development and support as and when required. By engaging DocSolution, you can maximise it’s potential within the Business on a cost effective and flexible basis.

Flexible Delivery

As a lean operation we can deploy resources rapidly and change direction if required. DocSolution can fulfil short or long-term engagements to provide Consultancy or Total Project Development services. Days can be delivered on-site or remotely and booked on an ‘as and when’ required basis.


By avoiding the management services and business overheads of large Consultancy providers, DocSolution can offer true value without diminishing the level of expertise delivered. We would challenge anyone to find a more cost-effective route to delivering this level of service.

Trusted In The Industry

Recognised within the Transform community and utilised by BottomLine Technologies as a preferred partner for delivering Consultancy Services.

Range of Services

We offer the three core services of Transform Consultancy Services, Transform Project Development and Transform Mentoring. All the key ingredients for acheiving maximum value from Transform.