Training Services

We’ve done the ‘stand at the front and talk’ teaching approach for many years. At DocSolution the preferred approach is a workshop using real life scenarios applicable to your Business. By focussing on your development requirements or current project, delegates will gain the skills needed to enhance and support the solution going forward.

Development Services

Need to implement a new project? Whether it’s outbound documents, upgrades, migrations or an inbound solution, DocSolution can manage the implementation from start to end. We can develop the project from any stage of the implementation cycle. DocSolution will provide a seamless handover with internal resources if required.

Consultancy Services

Engage DocSolution to work with your organisation as an independent Consultant to advise and assess. Improve the efficiency of your current Transform projects and reduce the effort required to support and manage it. Maximise the return on your investment and reap the benefits that this power application can offer.

Upgrades and Migrations

Migrating from CreateForm! To Transform? Upgrading Transform to maintain product support? DocSolution can provide the expertise to manage and deliver the entire process. From planning and preparation, through delivery and testing. We’ve got it covered.

What We Do

When hiring DocSolution you know you’re getting the highest level of expertise with Transform as well as the most cost-effective pricing on the market.

Whether your requirement is one day of effort or a long contract, DocSolution will happily discuss the engagement terms that fulfil your needs.